Family Life

Time Outside

It’s been cold lately. But today was nice. Nice enough that I got to go outside without freezing to death. I do like going outside. I vacuumed my car today while MM wandered around and pushed her doll around on the stroller (note: $10 doll strollers break easily, but since that’s the only doll stroller that was in the store at the time, I don’t feel bad about buying it).

These are pictures from a while ago that I’m using to illustrate how much fun it is to go outside, even in the winter:




Helpful hint: bring a towel when you go to the playground. You can dry off slides and swings and have a grand old time.

Of course, I still don’t love going outside on freezing cold days. But when it’s not freezing, I’ll get on a jacket or a coat and go.


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