How to cook a hubbard squash

squashHubbard squash are really big and ugly. I got one from my mom, who had an overabundance. She actually grew them this year from throwing seeds out from last year’s squash. I should have saved some seeds, but alas, they are all in a dumpster somewhere.

Mine was particularly big. To open it, simply throw it down on some pavement. I tried dropping it, which was less successful because it needed more force. You may place it in a bag so it doesn’t get all dirty. However, mine fell out of the bag so I just washed it off. Did you know that dirt doesn’t kill you?

I’ve heard people going at them with screwdrivers and mallets and that sort of thing, but it splits open much easier if you just throw it on some pavement.

So it is not a complicated science to cook squash. Don’t make it into a complicated science.

All I did was place the two halves of the squash on a pan and then cover with tin foil. I did skin-side down, and I don’t know if that’s the best way, but it worked. I put my oven on 375 or so and let it cook for a few hours. I didn’t think it was done, but it actually was when I started cutting into it. It didn’t cook particularly evenly all over, but it was good enough.

I cut off the skin from the squash and then cut it up into chunks and placed them in my freezer.

And served some of it with this meatloaf recipe, which is delicious. All meatloaf should be covered in bacon and then covered in a brown sugar/ketchup sauce. It was delicious.

(The whole reason I posted this was because I googled how to cook a hubbard squash and couldn’t find a method I liked. So I called Mom. I should call Mom before going to Google more often.)


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