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Life today

Dillon is gone until Thursday at police academy. He’s staying busy, and I think very happy he is busy. Though he started working, there hasn’t been much to do sometimes.

I went grocery shopping today after two days of basically living off chocolate chip cookies, since they were the only easy, good thing I had in my house. MM and I went through a dozen in two days, which was very sad. It sort of made me sick, and my pregnant body wanted something better.

I did so good at the grocery store–I resisted buying fruit snacks and instead got dried fruit and animal crackers. (Is that a better choice?) I also didn’t buy orange roll dough and frozen pizza. But I did get taquitos (I had a $1 off coupon) and corn dogs (there’s no excuse for the corn dogs). I got lots of leafy greens, which I need to eat, because I am bad at eating my leafy greens and they are so terribly good for you.

Maybe I should have a side salad with every dinner. Or lunch. Or at least once a day.

I got the huge eight pound bag of oranges (it was $5) because last time I bought eight oranges and we went through them very quickly. Our family likes those oranges.

My grocery store of choice has been WinCo, even though it’s an hour away. I save more money in groceries than I spend in gasoline to get there. I actually printed out a store map online (it wasn’t completely accurate, but mostly), and then did my list and my coupons (I saved $3 today) and I never had to backtrack in the store. Except for wandering around produce for a while. WinCo is cheaper than Walmart–not for absolutely everything, but for most stuff.

Sorry. Boring. My life is mostly boring right now. But the weather has gotten warmer (at least where I’m at–sorry for those covered in snow). So we went outside and took a walk, though MM gave up on me halfway through and I had to carry her back. Exercise!

Our washer broke (MM was being helpful)–but just a latch part that we ordered online for under $10 and it looks like it has been delivered (I haven’t checked my mail today, just looked online) so I can actually do laundry. Thank goodness. I’m grateful for cheap fixes.


One thought on “Life today

  1. I lately think that raw veggies are icky, unless in salads. They had a report on the news how leafy greens cause a large portion of food poisoning. So they might be healthy, but only if you don’t get sick from it.


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