Family Life

Life this week

Well, I got through the first week of Dillon being gone at police academy. He stayed busy, but he has two lives right now: life at police academy and life at home. We’re just grateful that we live close enough that he can come home on the weekend.

Though right now he went camping with the boy scouts. So I’m without a husband again, which is okay. I’m actually sort of lazy when he’s around, because he can fill in my gaps. But when he’s not, I really do have to do everything, and I step it up and I do it.

It’s not too hard to be without my husband. I know some people do this for forever–lots of people have careers that take them away from their families for days at a time. But it’s just temporary for me.

There were hard moments. One morning I cried quite a bit, but by the end of the day I got over myself, fixed some things, and I was happy again.

I’ve been pretty patient with MM. This was my thought today: whenever I’m sort of tired/frustrated with my daughter, usually the best thing for me to do is give her my full attention and cuddle with her and make her laugh. Usually I’m frustrated because I’ve been trying to do my own thing–whether cook dinner or clean or read a book or even something worthless like surfing the internet. And she wants attention and so there is tension there. But when I give her attention, the tension evaporates and we’re both happy again.



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