Things Work Out


I am so blessed. Everything I have needed and prayed for lately I have gotten. Yesterday, at a ward party, a girl comes up to me and asks to do a play date. Our daughters are the same age. I thought she worked, but I learned she works from home so her schedule is really open. Wow. I did not expect this–I’ve also only talked to her one or two other times. But it’s something I really wanted–someone for MM to play with, someone for me to talk to. I hope it works out.

I go to a sewing group on Tuesdays. And one day, all the ladies that come (all of which are older than my mom, by the way) offered their help if I needed anything. One mentioned she was retired and around all the time. It meant a lot that they were there to take care of me.

Finally, I visited a lady who moved here about the same time I did and was feeling sort of alone like I did for a while (I don’t feel too alone anymore, though). And she’s called me two or three times just to talk. It’s so sweet–and I love feeling like someone needs me, that I can offer help and service to someone.

I’m pessimistic sometimes–I don’t see quite how things will work out. I didn’t quite know who MM could play with. I can’t control people offering their help either. But I can control things like showing up to church and other activities and being friendly and nice so that people know who I am and what I need.

And people have been so kind to me. I love my church for that reason–it’s my family when I’m far away from my actual family. And even when my ward is smaller than I’m used to, pretty much everything I’ve wanted and needed has eventually happened–and in such a short time. I mean, I’ve lived here less than three months.

So I’m learning. I’m learning not to judge people. I’m learning not to make assumptions. I’m learning to be patient. And I’m learning that I am loved and that people will help me and that my prayers will be answered in a marvelous way.


We cleaned all the carpet in our house today. It really needed it. The water turned almost black, particularly around the fireplace where there was a lot of ash. And there was tons of sand ground into our carpet too. I think we could clean it again and again and it still wouldn’t be clean, but the stains that really bugged me are gone and it looks better.

Dillon sprained his shoulder while at police academy–it should heal fine on its own, but he can’t really lift or pull or push much. I’m pregnant, which isn’t debilitating, but it still gets in the way. And my back gets sore sometimes. So I had to do the heavy lifting, but luckily nothing was that heavy. We basically moved every piece of furniture in our house around today, plus lots of storage stuff and this and that. It was exhausting. I don’t want to move anymore, but I still have lots of things to put back when the carpet dries.

We didn’t really mean to clean the carpets today. But Dillon needed to go get a truck for his work, and decided to pick up a carpet cleaner that was there at the office for us to use. We were just going to do the living room, which wouldn’t have been that big of deal, but the carpet cleaner he got was broken. We discovered this after we emptied out the living room. So we went and rented a carpet cleaner, and decided to do the whole house while we had it.


I redesigned the blog! Finally. I’m not 100% happy with it, but it’s way better than it was. Come and see and let me know what you think.


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