So I took the toys out of my living room and the nursery and made a separate playroom.

010-2 009 008

I really sort of just stuck everything in that room that I didn’t want in another room.

I just finished putting up the alphabet letters–I just printed them out on colored paper, cut them out, and stuck it up with tape. And then decided I wanted some with more pattern, so I printed some off and cut again. Nothing special.


They are straight in the room, I just didn’t take a straight picture.



I had a pink/green color scheme, but didn’t want it to look too girly, so I did some of the letters in plaid.

Eventually I want to put in a futon bunk bed, take out that red chair. I need to finish the kid’s table from Ikea (thinking about painting it white and/or doing some mod podge–maybe pages from a Harry Potter book? thoughts?). An expedit shelf would be nice, just a small one, so I could slide the toy boxes in. Then I would get rid of the white shelves I have in there. And etc. It’s a work in progress.

Funny thing. When I started writing this post, the room looked like this:


And then in the process of writing, I had a the idea for the pink/green plaid letters, so I went and changed it up.


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