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I have nothing to do, and it’s okay

020Dillon left last night and I thought, “Okay, now what am I going to do?” I got stressed out because I didn’t really have much. I was tempted to turn on the television to fill up the void.

And I realized in that moment that I didn’t need something to do. I didn’t need to be entertained. I didn’t need something on my to-do list to check off.

Relax already! I get so caught up in having something to do that I forget to live sometimes.

So what did I do? Well, I sat back and MM and I played with some blocks. And then she brought me almost every single book she owned and we read them all. And the time passed beautifully.

Today, I have a few things on my to-do list. But not that many. My main plan is spend much of the day playing with MM. I don’t need something to do for every single moment. I can just relax and live.

It’s okay if I have nothing to do. Some people would love nothing to do.

009-mmI remember a book I read once–it had a quote in it: “Don’t just do something. Sit there.” And I need that. Because sometimes I just do something–whether it’s playing solitaire or surfing a website or watching t.v. And it would be a much better use of my time if I just sat there.

And sometimes when I rush, rush, rush to do things, I miss the most important parts of life. I think the Spirit can whisper to us when we are quiet and not doing anything—and we can find more opportunities to serve people and we can ponder on things that are important and we can pay attention to those special, sweet moments we may miss out on—like all those cute things MM does on a daily basis. Or the sound of a robin or a mourning dove. Or the simple calmness of an uncluttered life.


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