Family Life

New Washer

Our washer broke. No worries. I replaced my stinky front-loader with a brand new top-loader. It cleans laundry just fine.

But the washer is the boring part.

The exciting part is the cardboard box.



We set up a fort in the living room. Dillon got out the crayons and we drew all over the insides and part of the outsides. I decided to cut in some windows, and I cut myself a skylight too. This enables me to sit inside of the box with my head sticking out, which is much more comfortable than trying to fit myself in the box’s small confines.


I think it’s the best toy we’ve ever had. So much fun to crawl in there. So much fun to color on. We can play peek-a-boo. Open and shut the window. I drop MM in through the skylight and we put some dolls and some other toys in there to play with.


I love forts. That’s probably one of the best parts about being a mother–you get to rediscover childhood with your children, and sort of live a little vicariously through them. Which means that I set up a tent in her bedroom and play with MM in a cardboard fort and dress up her dolls and all sort of fun things.

Fun for a little while, at least. When it comes down to it, I’m still an adult and I’m not very good at having fun anymore. I’m working on it.



2 thoughts on “New Washer

    1. Anna had a castle (chest freezer box) at her house. What fun. MM’s hair is getting so long, she’s soo cute! ( I may be just slightly biased)


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