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You might be aware that I once had a Canon Rebel camera at one point. After long years of use, it broke in multiple ways over a period of time and finally just died. Lessons learned: never put a camera in your checked luggage, no matter how well packed you think your luggage is. Also, never go swimming with a camera (thank you, husband).

So I’ve been using my mom’s camera for the past few months to take pictures. It’s a point-and-shoot, and it just hasn’t been the same.

But with tax return money, I was finally able to buy myself a replacement. I got a Canon Rebel again (a T3 this time) –it was the cheapest option, but I also loved my previous camera and I knew how to work it.

I ordered it from Amazon yesterday morning with free super saver shipping. I got it this morning–by some lucky chance, it was quickly processed through a warehouse a half-hour from my house.

Ah. This camera is wonderful.

I’m not surprised by any of its features. I’m not surprised by how it works or how it sounds. It’s a better/newer model than my old camera, but not by much. It feels like I’ve just got my camera back, but brand new and not broken.

I did mainly shoot with a 50mm lens before, and now I have the 18-55mm lens that came in the camera kit–but I wanted more flexibility, particularly to photograph things like my house/food/etc.


Some shots:



Hey look, I’m pregnant.



I’ve never really been able to do wide-angle shots before–I usually feel more comfortable zoomed in. And if I take wide-angle shots of myself, my nose looks humongous. But MM doesn’t have the humongous-nose problem.



Daddy and MM during scripture study.




I’m still getting used to this all over again. You know, I was talking to my husband how I think good photographers don’t need really good equipment–you can make art with whatever you have. But the delay in shutter speed in a point-and-shoot (it’s more like, point, attempt to shoot, wait a long time, and it’ll finally take the picture) makes taking pictures so difficult. I love being able to look through my view-finder, push the button down, and the picture is right there. It means I can capture moments like my daughter and husband kissing and those strange expressions on my daughter’s face.

Sigh. Happy right now.


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