Family Life

Playing: Sand and Peanut Butter (not at the same time)

I made peanut butter playdough the other day. I did one cup of peanut butter, two cups of powdered sugar, and a half cup of honey.

It worked out beautifully, and MM enjoyed rolling it and hitting it and putting spoons in it and all that.


We ate it for quite a while afterwards–MM realized it was just yummy to eat, and I tried to limit giving her too much until I finally just threw the rest away.

Another fun thing lately has been the sand bucket and shovel I picked up at a dollar store.


Our yard is a sand pit, basically, so it was a toy that made perfect sense.


I was quite proud of MM because she got herself all dirty–and usually she doesn’t like to get dirty. But she’s good with sand.


I don’t have pictures of it, but one morning after some rain, when the sand was still damp, we went out to the lake and we made sand castles–well, I tried to make sand castles, and MM destroyed things. An occasion fish jumped in the lake, and it was just a perfect sort of a moment.


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