Meal plan

032I haven’t done a meal plan post for ages and ages, so I have a long list of the previous month or so. 

  • Wednesday: Chicken enchiladas
  • Thursday: orange chicken
  • Friday: fish tacos and tin foil dinners with pork
  • Saturday: biscuits and potatoes and gravy and salad
  • Sunday: cold cereal and frozen taquitos
  • Monday: squash soup and salad
  • Tuesday: pizza (disgusting)
  • Wednesday: fish and rice pilaf
  • Thursday: green chili enchiladas
  • Friday: garlic chicken and mashed potatoes
  • Saturday: spaghettios and whatever
  • Sunday: waffles
  • Monday: instant potatoes and peas
  • Tuesday: pasta salad
  • Wed: fast food
  • Thurs: don’t remember
  • Friday: ward party–made red velvet swirl brownie
  • Sat: nothing exciting
  • Sun: tacos
  • Mon: nachos
  • Tues: cold cereal
  • Wednesday: fish, potatoes, squash bread
  • Thursday: lentil soup
  • Friday: turkey, mashed potatoes, etc.
  • Saturday: Breakfast burritos
  • Sunday: chicken parmesan
  • Monday: grape nut bars, pot pie
  • Tuesday: pizza and homemade french bread
  • Wednesday: mashed potatoes, gravy, cook some turkey
  • Thursday: leftovers/nothing
  • Friday: teriyaki bowls
  • Saturday: meatball sandwiches
  • Sunday: crock pot turkey drum sticks/mashed potatoes
  • Monday: pot pie (in the microwave)

So there you have it. If you’ve noticed, I don’t use a recipe a whole ton. Most every time I did, I linked to it. The rest of it is just me making it up as I go.

The teriyaki bowls (we didn’t actually eat them in a bowl) were really good and I just made it up as I went–and I don’t remember what I did. Something with chicken and soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, etc.

But that’s okay that I don’t remember. I think that’s part of the joy of cooking is managing to come up with something good and eating it right there and then and knowing that you’ll never quite have the same dish again.

Also, please forgive the fact that I ate cold cereal for dinner twice in the last month. It happens.


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