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Easter Dresses and MM with Cousins

My older sister, Emily, had a girl six months before my girl and a boy six months before my (expected) boy. Which has great for baby hand-me-downs (though our girls are the same size now).

It’s also been great because MM got some experience with a baby.


She was perfect: she loved the baby, wanted to hold him, but only for about five minutes or so and then she would go off and do her own thing.


My dad is so tall it makes all his grandchildren look tiny.

And, because it’s Easter today, I thought I would share Easter dresses:


Please excuse the horrible lighting in this one. MM has sparkly shoes, and her cousin is pointing that out.


Grandma got these dresses for her granddaughters. We moved to a better spot, and told the girls to smile. But they didn’t smile.


They kept pulling silly faces instead.


This was totally unprompted by us.





Happy Easter, everyone. I hid a few Easter eggs around the house today that had pictures of Jesus in it. MM loves Jesus. I whisper to her during church when she should be reverent that she needs to remember Jesus–and a lady at church mentioned she liked sitting in front of me and my family because of that. The funny thing is that I do it because a few years ago, I liked sitting behind someone who did the same thing with her little boy.



2 thoughts on “Easter Dresses and MM with Cousins

  1. Daniel and I are laughing soo much. These pictures are the greatest. They will have a good laugh together when they are older.


  2. I love these! I need a creative caption for the one with both their mouths open. Its my favorite. Anna loves look at these pictures too.


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