Family Life · MM


When I visited Utah two weeks ago, it snowed. I wasn’t complaining because it doesn’t really snow where I live right now–it tries to sometimes, but the average yearly precipitation is less than seven inches. And that means I saw skiffs of snow on rare occasion this winter.

We weren’t prepared for snow, but I tried to get MM to go outside and explore.


Then she fell down and got snow on her hands.


She did not like snow on her hands. It was wet and cold and horrible.


So we didn’t really get to play in the snow. It all melted by the end of the day.



She did like playing in Grandma’s playhouse. She baked a toy turkey and a cup of orange juice.





I’m still glad that the weather is warm now. Sun is much more enjoyable than snow anyway.

As a final, unrelated note, an article I wrote appeared on yesterday. Go read it if you haven’t already.


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