Family Life

Visiting my sister

These pictures are from March 18 and 19. Yes, I got a bit behind on my blog posting, but I’ll get caught up. Eventually. Ever since I got my new camera, I’ve just had a whole lot of more photos to post about.

This is Mr. C:


I am proud to say I gave him that nickname. My husband has yet to meet him because my sister Liz (his mother) lived in Georgia for a while and now we live in Nevada. When Dillon finally meets him, Mr. C will probably be taller than Dillon.


You can fit three kids on a sit and stand stroller. That does not mean those three kids will be happy.


acopy (5)-2

acopy (1)


I was helping Mr. C walk around and MM came up and helped, grabbing his other hand. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t do it again for the camera.









And we flew some kites. And got tangled up in some yarn. I miss my sister Liz quite a bit. She’s my identical twin in case you didn’t notice, and I don’t think there’s anyone out there who understands me quite like she does. Living eight hours away from each other isn’t very fun, but that’s life for you. Thank goodness for cell phones and computers.

Today is General Conference. Hope you are watching.


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