Finishing an Ikea LÄTT Table

This is what the table looked like before:

It cost $20. When we assembled it the first time, we should have painted, but I couldn’t decide what to do with it. So I didn’t.

It was well-used when I decided to do something with it. But I finally finished it the other day.

Well, not really finish it. I just switched it up a little bit.


All I did was spray paint it–and I spray painted somewhat unevenly and the coverage definitely isn’t there. But it’s an improvement, and I figure it’s just like I primed it for a future paint job when I’m actually at a store and want to buy paint.


The top is what I’m more proud of. Do you know what that is? Harry Potter pages, of course. And right in the center:


I am such a nerd. I used Mod Podge to put those on there. Do you know it is impossible for me to use Mod Podge without air bubbles/wrinkles/mess? There’s an art to it, and I am not that talented. But since I’ve used Mod Podge twice in my life, I’ll forgive myself and move on. No, the pages are not completely smooth. But I’m not trying to hide imperfections here. I’ll point them out and show pictures instead:067

It was a fun project. My husband helped me a bit with painting and mostly scratching his head and wondering what I was doing.



3 thoughts on “Finishing an Ikea LÄTT Table

  1. mod podge will bubble and wrinkle while it is drying, but it you leave it alone, it will magically flatten when it dries. truth.


    1. It still has wrinkles in it and it’s all dried now, but maybe that will make me freak out less next time I do it. I ended up so frustrated with the beginning that I did a really sloppy job at the end, which is where the wrinkles are.


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