Yarn art for my nursery

So I’ve been decorating my nursery in preparation for my new little baby:


That’s sort of a work in progress. I got some brown blackout curtains that need to go up and the arrangement might change. Baby is going to sleep in the pack ‘n play for a while, and so the crib/toddler bed might be moved to the green/pink play room. Or the pack ‘n play may just be in our bedroom. Not sure

I took my colors/theme from the pack ‘n play, which features some owls. So I made this:


That’s a piece of thin board that has been spray painted white and then wrapped in blue yarn. Then I cut out clouds from card stock, crumpled them up for texture, and attached them to the board. And then I drew the owl and attached him too. Easy. It cost me under $5.00, just for the yarn and spray paint.


I had a mobile and just crocheted some shapes to attach to it too.



And finally, I took some pictures I already had and wrapped yarn around the frames so that the frames matched everything else going on in the room.


And that is how I decorated my nursery with two skeins of yarn.


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