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Pregnancy, Yard Work, and Frustration

So we’ve been trying to make our yard a better place. MM does helpful things like putting rocks on shingles and carrying them around. It’s not an easy task because the rocks fall off the shingles quite a bit.



We tried a garden–that’s what’s in the background with MM. None of my early seeds came up, and then some sort of critter decided to dig around in my dirt. I personally think it was a cat. I know, I live in the desert, and instead of wildlife upsetting my garden, I get a stray cat. This is why I think it was a cat:



But maybe it wasn’t a cat. Maybe it was a rabbit. Or squirrel. Or lizard.


(Dillon took the picture of the lizard.)

In any case, we’ll need some sort of fence to have a garden. And since the seeds didn’t come up anyway, we decided to minimize our garden plans. We’ll put some tomatoes in a container and then I’ll do a small herb garden, also in containers.

Growing things in Nevada is hard.

We disassembled our garden. Dillon got me a container for the tomatoes and we put the top soil we bought in there. And then, to additionally clean up the yard, I decided to move the wood pile.

There was a big pile of wood out to the side of our house leftover from when Dillon split wood–it was the stuff that was all too big. It included two large stumps.

And Dillon doesn’t really care too much about our yard. I’m the one who cares about all this stuff. So I moved the woodpile by myself yesterday. I used a dolly for the large stumps, and the rest of it wasn’t that heavy.

I am 33 weeks pregnant. Dillon gets frustrated at me when I do stuff like moving the woodpile.


I insist that I’m not overexerting myself. I even told him I only had one Braxton Hicks contraction the whole time I was moving the woodpile, and I get more from bending over and picking up the house. I did a harder arm workout with my exercises in the morning. Carrying MM around is much heavier than any wood I picked up.

But I’m really the stubborn one. A few weeks ago, I moved a 500-pound picnic table about fifteen feet all by myself. Okay, it probably wasn’t 500-pounds, but it was really heavy. I just want stuff done, so I do it.


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy, Yard Work, and Frustration

  1. I’m laughing so hard right now. The only time I ever remember my husband being really mad at me is when I did more than he thought I should and maybe hurt myself a bit. I blame my mother, she used to to move heavy furniture (a full size organ for example) build shelves out of cinder block, you name it. Who can wait for a man when there’s work to be done??


  2. Here I am finally commenting on your blog :D. So Robert and I just planted some seeds (meaning, planted the early seeds just last week when we should have planted them back in March…oh well!) and then we put together the funny pipe and soaker hoses on each row in our garden. I’m crossing my fingers that stuff grows 🙂 and I’ll plant the other things like watermelon at the end of May. We’ll see what happens! I hope your tomatoes and herbs grow well.


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