How my home looks today

Dillon has been gone quite a bit, and whenever he comes home, it seems like I’ve changed something up or another. I organize or rearrange a bit or clean up something. But I’m actually feeling pretty good with my house right now.

I rearrange my standing desk constantly.


I just (badly) framed some embroidery I did in high school. It was supposed to be pillowcases, but I only did one and then realized I didn’t really like it as a pillowcase and so I cut it out.

My kitchen is not much to be desired, but it works:



I love that bread maker. It came from my grandma–she didn’t want it anymore. And the bread still sort of tastes exactly like it did at her house. Whenever Dillon comes home, he makes sure to make himself a loaf.

We got blackout curtains for the nursery. MM is actually asleep in this room when I took the pictures, so the room was quite dark.


That blanket on the chair was given to me by Linda, who goes to church with me. It randomly matched the colors in my nursery, which was awesome.


Did you spot the sleeping toddler?

This is our playroom, of course. Not much to say on it.


MM took her doll to the potty the other day and the doll fell in. Luckily, it was machine washable. Corelle dolls are awesome.


Have I told you how much I love my bedroom? I’m currently reading Anne of Green Gables. I don’t remember reading it before–I think I did, though. But it’s like I’m reading it for the first time.


It’s hard to sleep too. Third trimester of pregnancy does that for you.

Funny story: when I looked at the picture above, I found MM’s toothbrush! It was sitting on that book there.


I’m growing tomatoes from seed. They are doing all right. I’m a little scared that when I put them outside, they will immediately by eaten by something.



I don’t have anything on the wall below, and I don’t really miss it. Sometimes blank space is just fine.



So we used to have a different printer stand, but then Dillon suggested switching some shelves around, and that white shelf to the right of the desk worked beautifully for my printers and my computer. There’s a piece of cardboard with white duct tape that is serving as a temporary cabinet door. And I’m selling all those books on top of the printer shelf. I realized I never am going to read some of my old philosophy books again.


My house is a 1981 modular home–nothing special about it. But I like living in it anyway.


6 thoughts on “How my home looks today

  1. i love your typewriter!! i have been looking for one just like it to put on a shelf- for decoration. found one on ebay– way expensive– and one on etsy that i still go back to check on every now and then. as soon as i have some extra spending money, i may get it. hopefully it’s still there.

    plus, your house is spotless.


    1. Thanks! I found the typewriter in my mother-in-law’s attic and asked her if I could have it. I got lucky there. It’s broken, so I don’t really have to worry about it too much with having little kids around.

      I did clean up before taking pictures of it. 😉


      1. I was looking through this. and thought wow, I am seeing the definition of “homemaker” someone who can take an ordinary 1980s modular house and make it into a home that they and their family can live comfortably in. Well Done!


  2. Hi Heather!
    Maybe I’m just stupid, but I can’t seem to find a “contact” form or email on your site. Do you have one? I had a few questions for you!


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