Family Life

Fun activities lately

Lizard chasing:




MM really wants to touch the lizards. But I am not about to catch one for her, because I would end shrieking. And these are desert spiny lizards. Spiny. Not soft and cuddly.

Watching Bible Videos:


That yellow dress above has been officially deemed too small.

Sensory box, using white as a theme:


MM is flossing her teeth above.

Playing on the playground:


Usually I am a lot closer when she climbs up this thing so that I can catch her if she slips. But she’s pretty at good at doing it by herself.

Making our own go fish game:


Paper fish with paper clips on it, a magnet, a ruler, and yarn. Easy. Fun. We lost the magnet, though.



I got out some dried pasta, rice, sugar, salt, and water and MM cooked with them using a mini muffin tin, a bowl, and a spoon. She also really likes to help me cook for real.

Clear contact paper and pieces of torn paper:


I taped the contact paper onto the wall and we stuck the pieces of paper on it.




So we have a lot of fun together. Sometimes I am not very creative about it. Other days I do a bit better. MM really doesn’t care if I’m creative or not, though. She just likes when I play with her, whatever we’re doing.


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