Family Life

Playing at the beach

These pictures are from a while ago since it’s been too cold and rainy to go to the beach lately.

Wait–it rains in Nevada? I almost forgot about rain.

The lake is already losing water, but MM had fun jumping around on the sand bank.



She likes to stick her tongue out quite a bit. I don’t know why.


And when I tell her to smile, half the time this is the face she gives me. Not really a smile:


The lake we live by is rather brown.


The pictures below are from another day. I am rather pregnant right now, if you can tell.



I look so weird. I am much bigger than I was when I was pregnant with MM. I’ve gained more weight and more stretch marks. But I don’t feel as big as I look, actually. Not most of the time.

We brought a doll with us to the beach. The doll went swimming.



The doll might have even been stepped on.


The doll is luckily machine washable.



Dillon came with us to the beach.


He decided that MM should get her clothes all wet.




I made him carry her back to the car and clean her up when we got home.


4 thoughts on “Playing at the beach

  1. Be careful with the tongue-sticking-out thing. I nearly bit mine off when I tripped over a guy’s leg and fell on my chin. I have scar tissue in my tongue still, nineteen years later.

    I guess it also didn’t help that I wasn’t born with the reflex to put my hands down when I fell.


  2. Okay, this is one of my favorite posts ever. MM looks so dang cute and lovable with that little tongue and “smile” face. I also really love the swimming doll who gets stepped on but will live another day because she can be washed in the washing machine!


  3. You guys look great! Isn’t it funny how daddy’s always let kids get their clothes wet. Mike does the same thing. Hope you guys are all doing well and enjoying the lake 🙂


  4. What fun! Just a few more weeks of pregnancy huh? Any hunches that he will come early? We need to do another Google chat soon 🙂 Loved the pictures, love MM (she is quite the young lady!) and your family in general. You are great!


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