Dillon · Family Life


We’ve done our fair share of Google hangouts as Dillon has been in police academy


MM loves her daddy quite a lot. And she misses him. Whenever he’s around, she just lights up and smiles all the time. She asks after him quite a lot–she’ll talk to him on the phone and the computer, but she likes him in person so much better.


I didn’t really expect how hard police academy would be for MM–it was difficult for her to be without her daddy. She needs her dad–moms can only do so much.


I am so glad I am not a single parent. MM behaves better and is happier when her daddy is around. They play together, talk with each other, and MM usually asks to see a buck video because Dillon has been corrupting her that way (I did not give my approval–it just sort of happened. I try to encourage nature videos instead of hunting videos).

088Dillon is almost done with police academy–he graduates next Thursday. We’re both very excited to have him back in our lives everyday, instead of just on the weekends.





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