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Happy Mother’s Day

I had one request for mother’s day: I wanted my husband to cook all the meals for the day and do all the dishes. It was a tall order for him. I did end up cooking the pork chops, but only because I was somewhat impatient and Dillon happened to be talking to his own mom (which was an important thing for him to do).

Breakfast: waffles and an egg. Lunch: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Dinner: pork chops, mashed potatoes (from scratch), and peas. He’s finishing the dinner dishes as I write this, and I have felt pretty special all day.

Yesterday, he also glued down my laminate counter top and cheap floor tiles that were coming up. I also got my swamp cooler turned on Friday. I’m happy right now.


I went visiting today. I was gone for 2.5 hours while my husband watched MM (she mostly slept the whole time). My mom gave me some advice the other day: all moms need time away from their kids. It helps us be better mothers, because we can come back stronger and recharged. Nap times are wonderful, but I know I need some additional time away because I’m still worried about and listening for my child the whole time she’s asleep. Sometimes it’s good to just a deep breath and have a break once in a while. It doesn’t have to be lots of time–for me, it’s been once a week for a few hours. But it helps me be a better mom the whole rest of the week.


I told my husband one day when I was discouraged that I wasn’t cut out to be a mother.

“Explain,” he said.

“I don’t have the right skill set,” I responded.

And then my train of thought suddenly seemed rather silly—being a mother requires every single skill out there. No one has the right skill set to be mother. We just all try our best and limp along anyway.


One night a while ago, I crept into my daughter’s room and put on socks without waking her. I wanted her feet to be warm. That moment for me is what being a mother is all about.


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