Getting ready for baby

I am very pregnant right now. I’m also ready for my baby. I’ve been nesting and finishing up my house–but I’m done now. I don’t have any pressing projects to do anymore. I moved some books from my bedroom to my computer desk.


And we got some blackout curtains for my bedroom. Dillon works nights sometimes and wanted to sleep in. And with a new baby coming, I probably would like to sleep in sometimes too. I probably will never be able to.


I also crocheted booties. I was just going to do one set, but then I messed up and made them two different sizes so I had to do two sets. It’s really easy to do and I would give you instructions but I can’t even read crochet patterns, much less write them.


Then, finally, clip-on bow ties. I used this tutorial, basically.



Baby can come any time he wants. But I still have no idea when that will be. Pregnancy is sort of like that–you know it’s sometime soon, but I could go into labor in a few hours or in two weeks. I’m not impatient, though. Just a little uncomfortable.


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