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My sister Liz came to visit

My twin sister, Liz, came to visit us this week with her two boys, PB and Mr. C. Liz and I are identical twins, and our kids sort of look alike too:


Mr. C is considerably younger than MM, but they are still around the same size anyway.

We went to the beach, of course, twice. The first time was on Wednesday–it was a little windy.




My sister and I look a lot alike, except for I weigh something like 50 pounds more than her right now.  It’s sort of awkward.



MM practicing jumping above.

On Wednesday, we went to Carson City. Liz and her family went to a children’s museum while we went to the doctor–except for my doctor happened to be on call and got called out to deliver a baby because another doctor was in surgery. My appointment with her was at 3:00 but I didn’t get out of the office until 5:00. I had an ultrasound too, so I spent a lot of time at the doctor. Baby is looking good–measuring around 8 pounds and apparently he has some hair too. I was 5 cm dilated at the doctor’s, but I still haven’t really felt any regular contractions. So we’re just waiting to see what will happen.

On Thursday, we went to Fort Churchill State Park. We hiked a short 0.6-mile loop around the ruins. When you are 38+ weeks pregnant and have to carry a toddler around some of the time, that seems like a very long hike.



Dillon had his days off Wednesday and Thursday, so he got to go along on all our adventures.


Liz and PB playing with blocks on the kids table:


This is the second time we went to the beach, Thursday afternoon. It was much warmer and not very windy, so the kids all got a lot more wet. 100


MM decided that she really needed a mud bath. I have no idea what put the idea into her head, but she scrubbed mud up and down her legs.



While she liked the mud bath, she didn’t like falling face first into the water. Neither did her cousin, CB, who was trying to wade out to his mommy and ended up deeper than he could handle.



We were exhausted after going to Fort Churchill and the beach. We didn’t do much the rest of the day and Friday was spent mostly cleaning up and that sort of thing. Liz left Friday afternoon. It’s not easy driving 8+ hours in the car with two boys and I’m so glad she made the sacrifice to come and visit us. We had a really good time when we weren’t hungry or tired.


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