I am waiting to have a baby. That has been my life. I’ve been dilated 4-5 cm for over two and a half weeks now, but nothing has really happened. I keep reminding myself that I can’t be pregnant forever. My baby boy will make his appearance at some point.

I went on a walk today. It was ninety degrees and I went 1.5 miles and some of it was in sand. Exhausting. But at least I’m not a pioneer crossing the country with a handcart or something when I’m nine months pregnant and about to give birth.


One thought on “Waiting

  1. Oh how I understand the “waiting.” I’m due this month as well! I will go days in a row with strong contractions all day and think she’s gonna be here, and then one day later she is back to being all content and comfortable in the womb! Props to you for going on a mile and a half walk! I hope for your sake that you are holding that baby in your arms by the time you read this! 🙂


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