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Good day

045I think you can be proud of yourself–not that you have pride, but that you just are very pleased with what you accomplished. It’s sort of like just acknowledging that you had a good day.

I was proud of myself today. Instead of turning on the television (okay, we watched a little), I played a lot with my toddler and my infant (well, as much as you can play with a one-week old). I nursed BB a lot, and I did pretty good at keeping him awake while he ate (mostly because I changed a lot of dirty diapers). I baked cookies because I really wanted cookies. And I baked bread (in the bread maker–not hard).

Maybe we had hot dogs/instant mashed potatoes for lunch and frozen burritos for dinner (both very yummy, but not incredibly nutritious). But I was happy. And I did pack Dillon a lunch. And I let him sleep in until about 8:30, which he very much needed since he came home at midnight and then I kept him up for an hour as I tried to take care of BB (I am being lenient on my behavior at night for a while–sometimes I sort of fall apart because I don’t always think quite rationally at night–nothing bad, just sometimes tears and complaints that don’t make a lot of sense).

Anyway. I just feel well-balanced today, and happy. I didn’t do too much and I didn’t do too little either. I let some things slide–but I also got up and did quite a bit. And there were so many good moments: taking pictures of BB while he posed just perfectly (I will post those pictures later). Dillon passed gas and MM looked at him and said, “Poop.” MM had an old digital camera and pressed it to her face and pretended to take pictures, some of her brother. I read story after story to her while nursing BB. We went outside and took pictures of fluff from the cotton wood trees and played on the swing set.

Yeah. Having two kids is pretty awesome. I think it’s easier than one–MM is so helpful. She entertains me (what did I do when I just had one newborn? I’m amazed I didn’t go crazy). She offers support, sort of like a cheerleader when I have to change yet another dirty diaper. She fetches things and throws things away when I need her to. And she takes long naps.

BB is a wonderful baby–he frightens easily and cries mightily sometimes, but he’s nursing well, sleeping lots, and he’s just beautiful.

I love my children so much (sorry about all the parentheticals).


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