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Trying to laugh at it now

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My ward is sort of small, so even when I have a brand new baby there are just things to be done. I work in the primary with all the little kids. The week after BB was born, I did sharing time in primary and tried to teach the kids something useful. And then the week after that, I did singing time and basically sung solos in front of a whole lot of little people who didn’t know the words. I’ve never done it before, and there is room for improvement. In fact, working with little kids is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but the more I get to know their names and who they are, the easier it is. Because when you love people, it’s easier to serve them.

I also play the piano for the ward choir and last week I played the organ. So church is busy for me and Sundays have not been my favorite days. Church is during nap time and I have a new baby and a two-year old who doesn’t always like to go to nursery.

Two weeks ago, Dillon couldn’t come to church because he had to work, so I was left alone. I went to play the piano for the choir with my new baby and toddler in tow. Practice went fine, and then we sang some prelude music before the meeting started.

And MM decided to wander around the room. Oh well.

But then she decided she wanted to play the organ. So there was this wonderful duet going as we sang “America the Beautiful.” Between verses, I whispered to the choir in general, “Someone please grab her.”

She was finally led away from the organ, ending the duet.

When the organist went to play the opening hymn, a big horrible noise came from the organ. MM had totally messed it up. She adjusted some stops, tried again. Tried one more time. We finally got to sing the opening song, but I sat in my pew with my face bright red, just dying.

Oh well. Luckily, everyone is very understanding and they just all love my children, no matter how they wander and what they get into.

One last story about that Sunday: we did a spotlight on this little three- or four-year-old boy. They didn’t say who it was.

“This person likes macaroni and cheese and french fries.”

“I like macaroni and cheese and french fries!” He calls off.

“This person likes blue.”

“I like blue!”

Everyone figure out it was him. I picked out a picture of Jesus walking with a little boy to give to him as part of the spotlight, and when he saw it, he thought it was a picture of him walking with Jesus and was just amazed at it.

So there was a really good moment in quite a hard Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Trying to laugh at it now

    1. I’m laughing so hard right now. The organ story is priceless. Our organ decided to make great interfering noises with the sound system Sunday. I don’t think anyone heard a word of the sacrament song. But life goes on and the Church is still true.


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