Family Life

Mostly happy where I’m at

My husband currently works at a lake that is rather brown.


It’s out in the middle of the desert. He found a scorpion in the house the other day. On his pant leg. And he killed a snake. In our backyard. There’s lot of sagebrush and the only trees that grow well are Russian olives (thorns) and cottonwoods (I have seed pod things all over my backyard right now).

But we do have beaches. And it’s fun.


The other day we went to Lake Tahoe. I’ve never been there before, but people tell me the water is crystal clear and it’s beautiful up there. The water is rather nice:


But Dillon and I didn’t really like Lake Tahoe. Because of this:


Do you see all those people? Do you see those pine trees? I like my wide open spaces.


There is good no matter where you are at.


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