Family Life

Good moments

This is how we celebrated the 4th of July:


There was a lightening storm, and so we went out to the lake to look at it and have a picnic. We didn’t go near the lake, since there was lightening. Just ate our Oreos and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. When it started raining again, we left.


I don’t swaddle my babies because both MM and BB have tended to sleep like this:


I love when my whole family is asleep and I get a quiet moment to myself.


Dillon has needed to help out a lot more since having two kids, but he does awesome. He loves his two kids, though he still isn’t sure what to do with babies. But babies grow.



I played Monopoly with MM–we went one time around the board before she lost interest. And then she wanted BB to have a turn. He was asleep, but didn’t seem to mind as she put the dice in his hands and tried to get him to roll.


I was preparing dinner one day when I heard MM talking and I saw this wonderful sight:


She’s reading a book to BB, and even showing him the pictures.

Dillon called me the other day to say they found baby birds while cutting up a tree. They were actually baby kestrels, so I drove out so MM could see.


MM loves to suck her thumb, and she likes to touch someone’s skin with her other hand. She’s grabbed onto her own ear, my hand, toes, whatever she can find. And now she can hold BB’s hand while sucking too.


Dillon took this picture the other day. I have no idea why MM is throwing a tantrum. It usually has to do with chocolate, popsicles, or not going where she wants to go.


And here is MM dancing:



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