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Photos by MM

182 224I thought I would share some of MM’s photography. I actually delete most of the pictures she takes. I also throw away most of her drawings. Because I’m not really sentimental, to be honest.

I’ve been pretty happy lately. My only real complaint in life is that I live far away from my family and I miss them a lot. Besides that, I am doing really good. I don’t even mind living here:


That is not my house, but it’s a pretty good representation of the town I live in. It’s not exactly a nice-looking place. But there are some good people here anyway.

But then there are things like this:


That is a baby bird that fell from its nest. Or got shoved out. It disappeared, which meant that it got eaten by something. Again, I’m not that sentimental.

There are rabbits, baby California quail, western spiny lizards, antelope ground squirrels, and various birds outside my window about every morning. And even though I live a half hour away from everything, it’s okay.

Sometimes I watch too much television (okay, about always) because I like it. I like reality shows. I finally admitted that to myself the other day. It’s not very refined, but that’s okay.

That was random.


4 thoughts on “Photos by MM

  1. It takes awhile, but once you get used to it, you actually grow to like it. There is beauty in this uncommon place.


  2. Bo is getting so cute. Can tell even in an MM picture. I like reality shows too. Daniel and I are totally obsessed with America’s got Talent, but hey its good clean fun.


  3. Reality TV can be ok (I’m not much of a TV watcher), but it’s not ok when co-workers are watching South Park, the Bachelor and So you think you can dance instead of working. Perhaps that is just my opinion. Nevertheless, it says a great deal about a persons work ethic. Don’t you think?


    1. Goodness–I once had a very menial data-entry type job where I listened to books on tape and worked. But I have no idea how you could work and watch TV. That’s ridiculous.


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