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I recently just got my own Facebook account–I’ve had one before but deleted it, and then combined with my husband. My goal was to stop using Facebook, but it didn’t work out. I kept using it, and so did my husband, and so we really needed separate accounts.

I sometimes think and act too much in extremes–like Facebook. I either think I can’t use it at all or I’ll end up using it all the time. Sometimes I end up watching way too much television at once and I think–I need to stop watching it completely.

But I think there is a good middle ground. I’m working on finding that middle ground. This week, I had a goal to watch no more than two hours of television a day. I’ve been pretty successful at this. It’s something I can sustain. I can’t sustain not watching any television–I really, really like television and it just doesn’t work to eliminate it for me.

I started using Facebook too much, so I installed StayFocusd and put a time limit on sites I tend to waste time on. That way I can still access them on occasion, but not overly frequently.

I talked to my mom about this topic a few weeks ago and she reminded me that we should be “temperate in all things.” Which means self-mastery and moderation.

I’m still trying to find balance–but my kids are most important, and I’m mostly trying to give them the attention they deserve.

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2 thoughts on “Moderation

  1. I also sometimes fall into that trap of thinking I have to cease activities entirely if I participate in them too much. BTW, LOOOOVE those pics of your kids 🙂


  2. I tend to do that, too. It has been really hard trying to find my way since I have been off of work. I am just now managing to feel on top of things. I love the pictures of the kids. They are so sweet. I am amazed at how Mae really does have a testimony at such a young age.


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