Gallery Wall

So I went to a thrift store and I found lots of frames there. And I got 16 of them total. They didn’t have price tags, so I didn’t know how much they would be. The lady at the front gave them to me for $3.50. It was amazingly awesome.

So I went home and arranged my frames:



I had ordered pictures and mats (they both cost a lot more than the frames) and I got some command strips so I didn’t have to poke 20 holes in the wall.  This is the finished project:



And I didn’t bother to check if the frames were completely straight before I took the pictures. Oh well.


I have this love seat and we put it in the front room because we thought we were going to get rid of it. But I kind of like it where it’s at. It’s sort of random, but it’s nice to have a place to sit that’s out of the way.


These frames in the dining room all came from the thrift store.



And I print way too many pictures, so all the leftovers got put up in the hall.



That is all for today.


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