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Spontaneous does not agree with me

The past two weeks were busy. My parents, sister Clarissa (who just got back from an 18-month mission to Detroit), and brother Daniel came and visited us. We went to Lake Tahoe on one day, and visited and had a really good time. Then they went home and they kidnapped MM and took her with them.

But the rest of us followed them to Utah. We had to save MM–except for she just loves being with her Grandpa (“Pa”) and Grandma (“Mom”–it gets confusing because she calls her mom and her grandmas the same thing). Dillon flew out to Florida to be with his family and attend the funeral of his brother-in-law.I spent the week with my family.

It was quite an impromptu trip, and I should have met up with more people while I was in Utah. But I’m not very good at being spontaneous, so it didn’t happen. I apologize if I did not see you.

I felt a bit off the whole week. Apparently being spontaneous doesn’t agree with me. But I still had a good time with my family, though I think they sort of got sick of BB. His napping/sleeping/feeding schedule got all sorts of confused and he was quite fussy. But when he smiles he’s absolutely adorable. MM loved being around her extended family and had a marvelous time.

I went shopping. I visited and played games with family. I forgot to take pictures or write in my journal, so I’ve totally forgotten most of my trip.

But now I’m back to life as usual.

MM loves watching Arthur.
Happy on the carpet.
First he sees me . . .
. . . then he smiles.
Big boy in blue
MM wants to be included.
MM’s hair is getting really long. This is right before we trimmed her bangs.
She was concerned about the bird poop on the slide, but she went down anyway.
Dillon got a smart phone. It’s lots of fun. MM think it’s her phone.
Playing with grandma and grandpa.
BB loves his Grandpa Ray.
Playing beached whale. Aunt Riss had done it previously, but I don’t have any pictures of her doing it. MM was much cuter, but Aunt Riss fit the part a bit better.
Daniel. He’s a senior in high school this year.
MM is wearing an 18-month swimsuit. But it worked anyway.
Aunt Riss will be a wonderful mother.
I can’t get enough of his happy faces.
Sometimes my cheeks get sore from smiling at him.
Hey there.
MM with short bangs.
My kiddos.
Floppy socks.


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