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Let them be who they choose to be

I used to hate pink. I’m not exactly sure why. Various reasons, all insignificant. But when I found out I was having a girl, I didn’t want to get too much pink for her. I preferred purple or yellow or something like that. My daughter has never had an overload of pink clothes in her closet.

Then we bought otter pops.

MM has been learning her colors, and I first got her to say them when referring to otter pops. What color do you want? I would ask. Pink, she would respond. Because pink was one of her favorite flavors.

Well, pink went from being her favorite flavor to her favorite color. I ask her what color we should paint the living room, and she says pink. She picks out the pink crayon to color with. And whenever she gets dressed, she wants to wear something pink.

Is this my daughter? She was not supposed to love pink.

But she does. And I let her. I buy her more pink clothes to wear. I give her pink otter pops.

I don’t hate pink anymore, but I also don’t absolutely love the color. But I let MM love pink, because I want her to be herself, even if it isn’t quite what I expected.

She picked this outfit out and put on the leg warmers herself.
I have to put up a picture of BB because I feel guilty unless both my children have an equal number of pictures up. When I put family pictures up on my wall, I carefully counted to make sure they were equally represented. The funny thing is that they don’t actually care.

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4 thoughts on “Let them be who they choose to be

  1. Its a bright and happy color, but you know that we love pink around here. Its funny that its been labeled so girly now, just 50-60 years ago it was not. And 100 years ago at least one thing I read called it a very masculine color because it was a strong color. Funny how times change.


  2. Fun pictures. You probably don’t like pink because when you were little, Liz was the pink twin and you got purple or green or whatever color wasn’t pink. Don’t know how we came on to that but its just how it went.


  3. I was a little girl growing up with my 2 brothers ( my parents went on to have 9 more sisters and another brother). My parents bought us new pillows and my brother David insisted on the pink one. He made such a fuss, I finally let him have my pink pillow and settled for the blue.


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