The other day I rearranged my living room:

002 004-4 005 010 012

This is my guest room. Dillon uses it to sleep on certain nights when BB is having a difficult time sleeping. I have never slept in this room.

019 020

This is my daughter’s room.


It’s a happy place. We turned the bed around so she can get in and out of it and she does really well. It was a very easy transition–I shut the door to her room to make sure she stays in, but she can actually open the door when she wakes up. It’s just to let her know that it’s time to sleep. Yesterday she wandered out after an hour of sleeping and Dillon told her to go back and sleep some more. So she went back into her room, shut the door, and went back to sleep.

029I may or may not be painting things sometimes. I would like to paint my house a nice light gray color. But that would require getting the paint color approved and that may or may not ever happen. I picked out a color anyway.

I would also like to fix up and paint the baseboards, replace the off-white switches/outlets, strip off the wallpaper in the bathrooms/kitchen, change the kitchen hardware and clean the cabinets really well, get a new hood for above my stove, do some landscaping, etc. We also need a new roof and new carpet. And then if I’m dreaming, I would get a new fridge, dishwasher and cabinets. And completely redo the bathrooms. And while we’re at it how about I just get an entirely new house where I get to pick out all the finishes and everything.

That’s not going to happen, which is fine, because I probably would never be completely satisfied with my house and I like to change things up and have something to do on it anyway.


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