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Trip to Utah

We went to Utah to bless BB.








Apparently my photos want to be small today and I’m too tired right now to go back and change them. I wrote over 3,000 words today and I woke up at 5:00 a.m. And I read scriptures, did yoga, mopped my floor, dusted my whole house, vacuumed my whole house, organized a closet and a shelf, and did two loads of laundry (okay, one load is still in the dryer and isn’t folded yet). I also put most of dinner in the Crock Pot. And I taught MM about exercise. And nursed BB. And played with my dog (I have a dog now, by the way, but you probably already knew that). Built a fire. Watched Parks and Recreation. Wasted time on the internet. Etc.

So the point in writing all that was to say that I don’t feel like resizing my photos even though it took me longer to write that than it would have to just go back and resize my photos.

Anyway. We went to Utah and put Bo in a nice blessing outfit–I didn’t go with traditional white because I think BB looks cuter in his bow tie and sweater vest.

We saw a lot of family while we were there. We picked up our dog, Charlie. He is a schnauzer mix and he has only chewed up a few puzzle pieces and hand one accident on the floor, but that accident was my fault because I didn’t let him out before bed. Besides that, he’s been quite a nice addition. He loves going on walks and playing in the backyard and playing fetch. And most of all, he loves to be petted and sometimes acts like a cat.

I would post a picture of him, but I’m too lazy to go find one, and you’ve probably seen him before, either in person or on Facebook.

I am so tired right now I’m not sure this post makes a lot of sense. But there you go. I’m going to be done now because I’m not sure what else I was going to say.


3 thoughts on “Trip to Utah

  1. Glad you got to go to Utah to bless BB. I can’t believe how much MM is growing. She looks so cute in her pink and black dress with her cousins. It is hard with two little ones sometimes. For sure, it is a full time job. You are doing a great job.


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