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Old photos of Dillon

I was working on Dillon’s scrapbook and I came across this photo.dillon-young

That looks a little like my little girl, right?


But it was this photo that I liked the best:
dillon-heideThat’s Dillon’s older sister Heide and it looks like she’s holding BB.


He takes after his dad.



4 thoughts on “Old photos of Dillon

  1. So a little known detail about that first picture – chances are that Dillon fell asleep moments later. He somehow always managed to fall asleep during haircuts! It was the cutest thing ever!


  2. Those pictures are so fun! Seeing them puts your kids’ genes into a new perspective. I bet that is fun to see how much they resemble you guys. Do you and Liz’s kids look similar? Are either of you hoping for twins in the future? 😉


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