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What works for today

I had this realization this morning. I went to the post office and then decided to go out to “Daddy’s Park” (according to MM), where we drove down to a beach (except for there is no water in the lake, so its just more of a sand pit now) and I took the dog for a run and wandered around while MM gathered sticks and played in the sand and BB slept in the car (we didn’t go very far away so I could keep an eye on him).

I know I need to exercise the dog and exercise myself, but I haven’t figured out a consistent way to do so. I’m not up to going on a walk every morning when I have to get the kids ready and myself ready and sometimes the dog gets overly excited. It can become too overwhelming for me. I could wake up early, except for sometimes BB doesn’t sleep well and so I want any sleep I can get.

But as I was playing on the beach I realized–this works for today. I always try to find things that will ALWAYS work for me, whether it’s a system for goal setting or cleaning or a way to exercise or a good routine. But I never figure out something that ALWAYS works, and sometimes it’s frustrating.

Today I realized that things don’t always have to work. I can just find a solution for today, and that’s enough. I don’t have to find a solution for every day in the future. I can just concentrate more on now and realize that each day is different and I’m going to have to live each day a little differently. What works for today may not work for tomorrow, and that’s okay.

And I have some photos I took about a month ago (or even longer back) that I never got posted, but I want to share them anyway, so here you go.

We got a tent and we haven’t gone camping yet. We were planning to, but it didn’t work out. We set it up out front for a sleepover, but MM was having too much fun and not sleeping, so we slept inside instead.
BB can roll over now.
I may like my children best when they are asleep.

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One thought on “What works for today

  1. I like your thoughts. I try to set up a routine, and even if it usually works, it’s okay if it doesn’t work all the time. And you can go walking in PJ’s.


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