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Hunting and Halloween

I am combining two events into one blog post because I am slightly behind like that.

So we went to southern Utah to go hunting with Dillon’s family. Dillon’s dad and two brothers had deer tags. I only went out once, but MM decided to go with them one morning and she had lots of fun.


We enjoyed visiting Dillon’s family.






We went to Ward Charcoal Ovens on our way there.



My pictures aren’t really in order, but that’s okay.




I have no idea why I look concerned in the picture above. I sort of just look concerned on a regular basis.

And now we move on to Halloween. So I decided what my kids would be the day before Halloween, and I made their costumes Halloween morning because I’m on top of things. MM was a black and pink fairy. I made her wings with cardboard, tights, and yarn. She didn’t really care how they looked, so it worked. I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, and she said pretty. I think she is.




BB was Quailman. No one knows who Quailman is anymore, but that’s okay. He completely mutilated his Q by a mixture of slobbering all over it and pulling it off.


I just wore black and put on dark makeup and called it a Halloween costume. Dillon did not dress up. He was not in the mood.


I did not coordinate our costumes at all this year. I’m not big on holidays overall, to be honest. I struggle with trying to be festive for anything. Oh well.


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