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Oh the weather outside is frightful

It’s been cold. Yup. Particularly when our heater hasn’t been working and we rely on a wood burning fireplace, except for when the repairman came it worked perfectly so apparently I have been freezing at nights for the past few days for no reason.

Our home is interesting. It works pretty good on the surface. Just ignore the bulging floor in the kitchen and the really old refrigerator. The heater is also really old, which is why it decided to stop working sometimes. Our kitchen sink is leaking, and not just in one space–the faucet, the sprayer, the strainer, and some plumbing is all leaking. And it caused the bulge in the kitchen floor.

The plumbing also stopped working about a week ago and so we didn’t have water for a while. It wasn’t actually our plumbing, it was just something to do with a pump on a well.

We also flooded our bathroom the other day by leaving a tub slightly trickling and forgetting about it.

So the weather outside may be frightful, but inside it hasn’t been that great either.

But I don’t mean to complain because it is warm enough inside and things do work all right, even if they don’t look pretty or work perfectly. I still enjoy my home–I’m just really grateful sometimes that I don’t own it.

So. We went outside to play in the snow. BB was strapped to my front, which he likes quite a lot.


This was how it looked a while ago:


And it looks about the same because it has been so cold the snow doesn’t melt much. We’ve had more snow this year already then we did all of last year.


This is MM getting ready to play in the snow. We got her snow boots the other day, but the snow came before I realized she didn’t have any. So I stuck on two pairs of socks and called it good. She is also wearing two pairs of gloves, a jacket, a coat, a scarf, a hat, and two pairs of pants. She was quite warm.



MM likes playing in the snow, but because it’s so cold the snow is just powdery and not that much fun. We can’t make snowmen out of it, which makes me sort of sad because I would love to build a snowman. Though our ground is so sandy it may just end up as a sand man.

After we were done playing in the snow, we came inside to hot chocolate.


And Team Umizoomi. MM loves that show, and I think it has helped her learn how to count. She can count to eight, though she usually needs a little help. And she doesn’t quite understand what the counting means yet, but she can say her numbers and that makes me pretty proud.


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