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Are you ready for Christmas?

It’s Christmas time!165 161

Resistance to Disney Princess is futile. I didn’t encourage it at all. But my little girl loves princesses. Thus we had to get the princess wrapping paper. MM thinks a princess is someone in a long dress. She knows she is a princess too, but she also thinks Daddy is a princess. Princesses aren’t bad, really. I maybe won’t encourage the morals of The Little Mermaid (rebellious), but Belle from Beauty and the Beast is smart, likes to read, doesn’t care for popularity, doesn’t judge on appearances, and is incredibly selfless. Rapunzel falls in love with a criminal. Snow White lives with seven strange men. Cinderella just sings about wanting her dreams to come true. Sleeping Beauty is, well, asleep. Tiana is a pretty good character (she loves to work), but I don’t love that movie because the villain is underdeveloped. Merida is awesome. She loves archery, after all and is a really great big sister. Mulan is a cross-dresser, but at least she’s trying to save her father and ends up saving her country. She also isn’t a princess. Jasmine bugs me for some reason, and again–she falls in love with a criminal. What’s up with that? Pocahontas I have not seem for ages so I guess I can’t judge her.

Wait. This was a post about Christmas. I forgot for a minute.


I’ve been trying to focus on the birth of Christ a lot this Christmas. I don’t talk about Santa that much, avoid Santa Christmas music, and we don’t have any Santa decorations. Everything I’ve been trying to relate to Jesus Christ as much as possible.

It’s made Christmas a lot less stressful. When I asked MM what she wanted, she said, “Grandpa Ray.” I don’t think she even understood that she was getting toys and stuff for Christmas. Christmas for her has been about pretty Christmas lights and playing with baby Jesus. She knows that Mary is baby Jesus’ mother and she knows who Joseph is too. I tell her that Heavenly Father is Jesus’ Father, and I think she understands that.

139 132So Merry Christmas to all of you! It is such a great time to celebrate Jesus Christ and to serve and love others and to spend time with friends and family. I like Thanksgiving better, to be honest, because it’s way less expensive, but Christmas is my second favorite holiday.

We’re going to go try to build a snowman now.



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