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Christmas 2013

We had a great Christmas. I got the best Christmas present ever: a digital piano, and I absolutely love it.

Christmas Eve, we acted out the nativity scene and read scriptures. The missionaries came over for dinner, so we had ham and mashed potatoes with them.

We also attempted a gingerbread house.

012We were not really successful. We also opened up Christmas pajamas. 022 033

Christmas morning was very fun. Last year, we smoked out our house because MM had left a dishrag in the bottom of the oven. This year, we smoked out the house with our fireplace.

But MM was very confused about this wall of wrapping paper:


I had to take it down for her. She tried to gingerly run at it once, but it didn’t move and she wasn’t sure what to do.

She did love her presents that were waiting for her. 056 063

Dillon was a bit tired, don’t you think? 072 157 161 166We had a good time, though. What I liked most isn’t shown in the pictures, though. In the afternoon, we went and visited some friends that live in our little town and sang them a song. And then we came home and had frozen pizza for dinner, which worked quite nicely.

I like the service part about Christmas the best. Like cooking a quadruple batch of brownies to give to people:

027It barely fit into my mixer. But one batch didn’t turn out–I kept cooking the brownies and they kept being very gooey. I think there wasn’t enough flour in that particular pan because I had overfilled my mixer.

We tore Christmas down yesterday and I am actually really glad it is over. I do love Christmas time, but sometimes it feels a little overwhelming. There is so much to do. Christmas programs, presents to buy, cards to send out, things to bake, family to see.

Now it’s back to life. With potty training! Again! I hate potty training!


One thought on “Christmas 2013

  1. Glad to see our tradition of wrapping the room continuing. (I got the blue paper you have up on clearance and wrapped Anna’s birthday in it. It was perfect for the “Frozen” theme.)


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