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Pictures of my kids

Mornings are interesting for me. I would love to wake up early, read my scriptures, exercise, shower, and have breakfast ready for everyone. However, many times there is a child in my bed and it seems like whenever I set my alarm, my kids wake up with me. So instead my mornings are spent cuddling in pajamas and pouring cold cereal, which is fine too.
028Dillon helps out a lot around the house, which I am grateful for. Here he is helping me with laundry. BB likes to help too. 043MM is my little artist, as you can see. Mostly she draws faces.
005These faces were cut out by me and then she drew them. All of them. Isn’t she amazing?020I am uncertain about many things in my life. But I am certain about one thing: I love my kids very much. Sometimes they are overwhelming (like when MM pooped in her panties while I was in the shower and then BB came crawling in and wanted to play with the toilet), but they are worth it. 029 036I got BB a new church outfit. Tie included. He’s about the cutest thing ever in it.
088 091108It has snowed a bit over the past little while, which is great because we need it where I live. It still hasn’t snowed enough, but we’re grateful for what we have. MM loves wandering in it. I let her outside in her pajamas and she just walked all over the place in the falling snow while I watched from inside.125 147My son has been so hungry lately. He just wants to eat everything. Including dog food.002


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