If you don’t fix the leak, you replace the whole kitchen

So I live in a rental and rentals can be . . . fun. Our kitchen sink has been leaking since we moved here. It’s been getting worse and worse.

Someone decided to put in a new floor sometime before we moved in. There was really old 1981 yellow linoleum (which we still have in our bathrooms) and they decided to put a piece of cheap board over the original flooring and then self-adhesive tiles.


The sink leaked onto the flooring underneath the cabinet and then ran down under the board and the board, being cheap, soaked it up and started rotting and warping. Then the self-adhesive tiles started to pop up because of the warping and the moisture.

They finally got our sink fixed–it required a lot of new parts, including a new faucet, since we have hard water that corroded the plumbing throughout the sink.

And then they ripped out the moldy, disgusting, warped floor.

So we’re back to 1981 linoleum, except now it is covered in screw holes. I am very grateful that whoever installed that floor did not glue the board down.

But the floor really isn’t that livable, and so we’re supposedly getting new cabinets, new counter tops, and new flooring. We’re probably getting linoleum flooring, but I shouldn’t complain because I am not paying for it or installing it.

Before. We don’t have a picture of the tiles popping up, but it was pretty bad.
Demo. Nasty board on top of the old flooring.
What we have now.


We have blocked off the kitchen so BB can’t go crawling in there anymore since there were some nails that broke off when they were removing the floor.

Better news: I ordered these dining room chairs:

I was going to order them in March, but they didn’t have very many in stock so I got them while I could. I’ve been shopping for dining chairs for a while–the ones I have work, but one has quite a few tears in the upholstery, another has screws that poke you in the bum, and a third gets food stuck in-between the back and the seat.

These ones were inexpensive and look sort of like Tolix chairs, which are much more expensive.

I spent less than $200 for four of them

Good enough for me. I don’t have expensive taste, thank goodness.

Also: I’m staying off Facebook on weekdays. In case you were wondering.


2 thoughts on “If you don’t fix the leak, you replace the whole kitchen

  1. Its times like this you can be grateful you’re renting and not footing the bill for a major repair. Especially at the cost of your rent:)


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