Kitchen remodel

Disclaimer: I had no say on this kitchen remodel except for the paint color, which I chose previously to any of this being done. Other people chose the flooring, cabinets, and countertop.

Shall I remind you what it looked like before I moved in?

kitchen before

Those curtains that were hanging in the window had the year of my birth on them. So they had probably been hanging there for as long as I have been alive. They came down quickly.

We had that exact same refrigerator in an apartment we rented before we moved here. If you notice the picture below, the refrigerator and the dishwasher have not been replaced. The whole reason we got our kitchen redone was because a leak in the plumbing had caused the cabinets to start to deteriorate. The budget didn’t allow for new appliances. kitchen3

Better. Sort of. The sink is still the same, but with an updated faucet, and the windowsill and trim around the light and door are the wrong color now. But that’s me being picky, I suppose. There is a lot of oak in this new kitchen–oak cabinets, oak trim, oak-looking flooring. I wouldn’t have picked oak, but it actually looks a lot better than I was expecting it to.
kitchen before

It used to be so nasty by that stove. The stove was actually pretty new when we came in, but the wallpaper behind the stove had been sitting there getting dirty for longer than I have been alive. It was original to the house (I know because it was adhered directly to the drywall underneath). kitchen1

I was really worried when I saw what was coming in that it would just be all beige–I don’t really like beige. Some people do, and that’s awesome, but I just like living in a cooler color palette better. But because I had the gray paint there, it really helped that countertop look so much better than it would have with a different paint color. It brought out some of the cooler gray undertones. And look at the new hood!

I am happy with my kitchen now. I’m going to install hardware on the drawers/cabinets and the maintenance guys still have to do a few things. By the way, MM got used to them being around and when she won a round of Candy Land today, she had to track them down and tell them that she had won. It was so cute when she would ask me something like, “Maintenance guys use sink?” and I would have to respond that it was just fine.

BB wanted to grab a power tool and help out, I think. Either that or he just likes wandering and playing with things that he shouldn’t be playing with.

So it’s been functioning for a few days now–they got the sink and the stove done pretty quickly so I could cook. But today, after having everything moved in and cleaned and pretty, I had to figure out what to cook for dinner. And we had hot dogs with instant mashed potatoes and frozen peas. I used the microwave for all of it. That’s how life roll sometimes.


3 thoughts on “Kitchen remodel

    1. That looks nice, it will be more modern looking when you put the hardware on. I’m still amazed at how much the hardware you chose for my kitchen made it better.


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