Family Life

Going “hunting”

So on Monday Dillon applied for his hunts and so MM wanted to go hunting. So we took her bow and went on a walk.
075 088

When we saw a bird, MM said, “Shoot it! Shoot it!” Sigh.
096 We did throw the dog into the lake to see if he could swim. He can, but didn’t like it very much.138

Because we were by the lake, my little daughter proceeded to take off all her clothes. We insisted that she at least wear underwear. And then she went running off. Please notice the fish that is jumping up in the picture above. 142 176 BB has a glove on because he hurt his finger and he kept wanting to take the band-aid off. 204 235 303 311The reservoir we live next to is rather brown and full of tumbleweeds, but MM doesn’t seem to mind. She was about ready to go skinny-dipping in it anyway.


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