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So many good moments

Every day I write in my journal. Sometimes I have so much to write because there are so many good moments in my life right now. For example, a little while ago we had a church activity. During the activity, MM ran up to another older girl and just pretended she was part of the young women. At the end of the activity, Dillon pulled around the little kids that were there on a sleeping bag. It wasn’t good for the sleeping bag, but oh well.

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Another time, I look up to see that MM has made a bed from our rug. She rolled it up, got some blankets and pillows, and then invited her dad to join her. 406 390 063

Dillon took the pictures below after BB had barely woken up from a nap. He had fallen asleep on me and I just let him lay there, cuddled close.
045 044There are so many more moments: MM tickles BB and makes him laugh. Dillon will chase BB around the house. BB runs away and then laughs and laughs when Dillon picks him up and tickles him. When Dillon sets BB down, BB will start running again for more chases.

MM played doctor once and she told me, “You have a baby in your tummy.” I told I didn’t have a baby in my tummy, and then she said, “Almost.” Later that day she told me, “I be a ranger.” She wants to be like her daddy, I guess, and arrest people, because according to her that’s what rangers do.

I couldn’t get MM to wash her hands after going to the bathroom–she just kept resisting. And then we watched an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood about potty training and I found MM washing her hands in the bathroom after going potty all by herself and she told me, “I wash hands like Daniel Tiger.” Television can be good for something.

BB loves his toothbrush and if you take it away from him he’ll cry and cry. He also loves the broom and will try to help sweep, though mostly he just carries it around the house. BB says Mama and Dada really well now, and he gets so happy and proud of himself and will just keep babbling along. He is such a happy boy now–he had sort of a miserable few months of his life, but now he is simply a joy.

There are so many good moments. I can’t remember them all–some are so fleeting, but they keep coming if I pay attention.



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