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Easter 2014

So I was really bad at celebrating Easter this year–the biggest reason is that we were all sick at some point or another. My kids just didn’t feel good on Easter and the few days before. They actually stayed home from church.

So MM didn’t get to wear her new dress until yesterday. But then she was really excited to show it off to people–she walked into church and said, “You see my new dress?” to whoever randomly walked by. (And then she had an accident and had to go home and get changed partway through church, but that’s okay.)

We took some pictures before church because our outfits sort of looked good together.

BB is happy when he has a marshmallow. 
149 090 076 039We did go to the Easter egg hunt that the state park Dillon works at puts on. Dillon was running the activity, so we didn’t see him much. But both MM and BB had a good time picking up eggs.


4 thoughts on “Easter 2014

  1. I remember taking my boys to the Easter Egg Hunt at Lake Lahontan. My how time flies. What cute pictures! I cannot believe that Bo is walking already and MM was really sweet Sunday in her peachy dress. Savor the moments you have while the kids are little. They grow up all too fast!


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