Family Life

Flying a kite and other adventures

We’ve been having a pretty good time lately. Yesterday, we went geocaching. We got sort of lost, but we did finally find the cache. MM loves the idea of hunting for treasure and enjoyed her small figurine we pulled out of it.

The other day, I bought a kite because it was windy. It didn’t fly that great (dollar store isn’t probably the best place to buy a quality kite), but it was fun anyway.


The little bike we gave MM a while back is always lots of fun–I can fit both BB and MM on it together and MM has finally figured out how to steer it around. So I end up pushing my kids around our circular driveway and then want to keep going even when I’m tried out from it all.







I let the weeds grow in my yard, but I’ve gotten quite a few different kind of flowers growing. It’s mostly flixweed, but I like just having growth instead of just dead and sandy yard. We have purple flowers, orange flowers, dandelions, some other yellow flowers, white flowers–it’s flower season right now in the desert, I guess, and I am enjoying it. MM loves to pick the flowers too.


005Most of our days end in stories and songs.

I have a good life, really. I get homesick sometimes, but I just need to focus in here and now because there are so many good moments when you have small children. There are also a lot of frustrating moments, but I love my kids so I’ll forgive them for that. They really do mean well.


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