Family Life

Kid moments

We went to the beach the other day. The lake is so low this year that it’s not as fun as it was last year–it’s mostly just muddy. We still had fun, though. 320








Some other fun moments lately:

From BB:

BB is climbing or trying to climb everything in sight. He gets upset when he’s not tall enough.

BB wants to talk on my cell phone all the time. He thinks it’s the best thing ever.

We were singing “Book of Mormon Stories” and BB tried to do the actions with us–which involved a lot of hand waving and putting his hand up to his head. It was pretty impressive.

From MM:

Putting on her shoes because the kitchen floor is cold in the morning.

She got little sifting containers and filled them up with dirt and called them her garden.

She loves the little potties in family restrooms at certain retail stores. Sometimes I think she asks to go potty so she can explore the different public restrooms that are available.

The dog:

I had a large container filled with dirt (no plants in it yet), and he dug a little bed for himself and curled up in it.


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